Mobile and Text Banking

About Mobile Banking

The Fort Davis State Bank Mobile Application gives you the opportunity to bank anytime, anywhere! With the increasing number of people using smartphones, Fort Davis State Bank strives to fit the technological demands of our customers. By giving you free access to our mobile application, we hope to accommodate these demands by allowing you to:

  • Review Account History and Balances
  • Make Transfers
  • Receive Message Alerts
  • View our Convenient Locations
  • Locate our ATMs
  • Review Online Activity

All from your mobile device!

What's required for Mobile Banking?

  • Supported Smartphone
  • Access to Online Banking
  • Enrolled in Mobile Banking
  • MAC (Mobile Authorization Code)

How to Enroll for Mobile Banking:

  1. Access your online account
  2. Go to the Mobile tab to enroll
  3. Check the box to enable your user ID and password for use on your mobile device
  4. Go to the Mobile Authorizations tab to set up your MAC (Mobile Authorization Code-required for transactions)
  5. Download the FDSB Mobile Application on your mobile device
  6. Log in with the same credentials as your online banking

    ...And Start Banking!

About Text Banking

Text Banking is a short message service that allows you perform basic banking functions. Text banking also allows us to complete our mobile banking services to all cell phone users, without having a smartphone.

How to Enroll for Text Banking:

  1. Access your online account
  2. Go to the Mobile tab to enroll
  3. Enable your accounts for Text Banking
  4. Select the accounts that you want to enable for text banking and give them each a four character nickname

    ...And Start Texting!

How Text Banking Works:

Text the number 226563 (iPhone, Android or other) or BANKME (iPhone only)

In the body of the text use any of the following:

Text or Command Action
BAL [account nickname] Request Account Balance
BAL Request Balance for All Accounts
HIST [account nickname] Request account history
LIST Receive a list of keywords
HELP Receive additional information
STOP Opt out of Text Banking


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Please bank responsibly and remember to never give out your personal information, including your log in ID and password through the mail or over the Internet, unless you’ve initiated the contact or are sure you know who you’re dealing with. Always secure your personal information and contact your financial institution immediately if you notice something out of the norm.

Agricultural Market

All products and services associated with the Agricultural Market are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by this financial institution, are not obligations of this financial institution, and involve risk including possible loss of principle.