New Online Banking

New Online Banking Platform Available March 6th, 2018!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my Bill Pay information be brought over to the new system?

A: NO! It is very important that you retain your Bill Pay Payee information so that you can re-create your payees into the new system. If you need assistance printing this information off or finding a way to retain it, please contact us for assistance! We will print the information for you at no cost if needed. 

Q: What will happen to my pending Bill Pay payments?

A: As of March 5th, you will no longer have access to the current Bill Pay platform. Any payments scheduled prior to this date will be processed as normal. If you have a payment scheduled to pay on the 6th, it will process through the old system as normal. Anything scheduled for the 7th on, will have to be scheduled through the new system on or after March 6th. On March 6th you will have access to the new system and you may begin adding your payees and scheduling payments

Q: Will my scheduled recurring Bill Payments be affected?

A: Yes, if you have any recurring Bill Payments currently setup through our Bill Pay system, you will need to recreate them in the new system on or after March 6th. Anything scheduled to pay prior to March 6th will process as normal. 

Q: I do not currently use Online Banking; will this change affect my account?

A: No.

Q: How do I log in to the new platform?

A: You will receive information on how to log in to the new system via mail. If you do not receive this information before March 6th, please contact us for assistance. 

Q: Will I be able to review the same account history on the new system?

A: Yes, 2 years’ worth of history will be available on the new system?

Q: I use Quicken and/or QuickBooks; what changes do I need to make to my software?

A: See the information below for links to instructions for Quicken, QuickBooks and Mint.

Q: Is the Mobile Application changing as well?

A: Yes, the Fort Davis State Bank Mobile Application is also changing. If you are an iPhone user, you will simply need to upgrade your current application. If you are an Android user, you will need to delete the old application and then go to the Play Store and download the new Application by searching for Fort Davis State Bank.

Q: Will this upgrade affect any automated payments that I currently have setup on my account, not through Bill Pay?

A: No, any automated drafts that you have setup outside of the Bill Payment platform will remain as they are.

Q: I am currently enrolled for e-statements, will I still be enrolled for e-statements in the new system?

A: Yes.


Intuit QuickBooks/Quicken and Mint Conversion Instructions

Click on the link below that applies to the software type that you are using for conversion instructions.

Quicken for Windows Conversion Express Web Connect

Quicken for Mac 2015-2017 Conversion Instructions Express Web Connect

Quicken for Windows Conversion Instructions Web Connect

Quicken for Mac 2007 Conversion Instructions Web Connect

Quicken for Mac 2015-2017 Conversion Instructions Web Connect

QuickBooks Online Edition Conversion Instructions

QuickBooks for Windows Conversion Instructions Web Connect

QuickBooks for Mac Conversion Instructions Web Connect

Mint Conversion Information



Agricultural Market

All products and services associated with the Agricultural Market are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by this financial institution, are not obligations of this financial institution, and involve risk including possible loss of principle.